Review: Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan

Your next beach read is here, party people. 


I was originally going to wait until I ordered this for my library and read it (steal it, let’s be honest) before I gave it to the kids. After seeing a few reviews though, I went ahead and pre-ordered it. What drew me in? Most reviews have compared this to Revenge (I mean, if it was a YA book). And let me tell you, I love Revenge. 

So here’s the gist: Frances is on a cruise ship with her parents when it is attacked. She and another girl, Libby, manage to escape. When they are rescued from their lifeboat, only Frances is alive. She finds out that the attack is being played off as a capsizing, and that somehow an important political figure also “miraculously” survived. She puts into motion a plan fueled by rage – she will find out what really happened and make the responsible parties pay. 

This book has mystery, intrigue, romance, action, and lots of twists. I suspect that your only beef will be, as was the case with me, that it ends. 

Happy reading! 


Lazy Post: Favorite Chicken and Quinoa Casserole

Summer is here, people. While I am easing into summer break (i.e., reading as many books as possible and not doing much else), I am currently baking my favorite quinoa casserole. It is not one of my own recipes, but you should all check it out here. This Mexican-style chicken and quinoa casserole is amazing and lasts all week long. Boyfriend does not even complain about it. 

Pro tip: top it with a little diced avocado if you really want to love your life. 

I will hopefully get some book reviews up this week!