Review: The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall


The Conspiracy of Us is a fast-paced, action-packed YA book.  Avery is a teenager who has never known her father.  She and her mother have moved around a lot, and as is typical for a lot of YA plot lines, she tries not to get too close to anyone.  Here is where it gets interesting: a cute new boy at her school seems to be spying on her.  When she goes against her mother’s wishes to go to prom with him, Avery is whisked away to Europe.  She finds out that this mysterious stranger works for basically a secret society of families that run the world behind the scenes, and that she is part of one of those families.  Of course, once she makes it to Europe she realizes her life is in danger.

The good:  tons of action.  Enough plot twists to keep the reader engaged.  A cliffhanger leaves the reader wanting more.

The not-so-good:  Underdeveloped characters.  The book really just jumps right into the action, which from a librarian perspective is actually not bad.  Honestly, when it comes to reading for pleasure a lot of kids want something that keeps their attention from page 1.  They will not mind underdeveloped characters.  I, however, would like more information on Avery and her mother.  You get a lot of information (kind of) about the society of families, but nothing about the mother.  I am hoping she plays a larger roll in the sequel.

Overall, this book is entertaining enough and my students are hooked. This might be something to throw in your beach bag!


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